(To build a confident version of yours)

  • with entrance exam
  • no stipend
  • proper syllabus
  • strict timings
  • special events
  • online promotion

Compulsory for all students

Seminar on importance of indoor Greenery
(Fly more high being attached to your roots)

FREE MEDITATION for all students
(Meditation OR Medication choice is your)

We help you to make a strong relationship with your Staff Dealers &  Customers

Special paid short courses for upcoming generations

(Help us to Brighten your Brighter future)

  • window dressing

With proper stock settings
Stock management

  • kab
  • kyu
  • kitna

Stock rakhna chahiye

  • customer attending and greetings
  • role of online advertising on social media
  • role of offers to promote business
  • online sales promotion
  • role of customer satisfaction
  • role of punctuality in a business
  • role of continuity
  • role of follow-up
  • why and how to promote no credit business deals
  • greeting customers on there special days
  • why and how to maintain data
  • basic rules of store opening and closing
  • how and why to maintain daily work sheet as

Market list
lining up

  • Stitching orders
  • Alterations orders

Organizing / Participating
Fashion show/ Exhibition

many more practical knowledge
To make you a strong bridge for your customers